Sunday, June 17, 2012

Denmark - To mark our 4th Wedding Anniversary

T-R-A-V-E-L - To know about a particular Tradition - Read about them - Accummulate Knowledge - Visit the places - Experience their Culture - Enjoy with our Loved Ones.....What more fun can travelling give? that too when you are in a new continent with a limited timeline (I never know :))), ample holidays (well me any my little dumpling are on 24*7 holidays), One simple word can explain everything - EXPLORE

You all guessed it right - its all about our recent trip to a neighbouring country - DENMARK or Danmark as in Danish ;) to mark our 4th wedding anniversary.

One thing that is becoming very popular in Scandinavian countries is the CRUISE trip to enjoy the fjords. (This reminds me of BERGEN post - will post soon. Its one of the best fjords in Norway which we visited couple of years before.) We wanted our little monster to have some fun in the ship (well rather we!!! Its becoming very difficult to control him in other means of transport like Bus, Train and Flights so we wanted to explore new options. Trust me this was equally challenging. He wanted to get into the water and play and not see from top) and all of us could together enjoy this new experience. Did I mention, it is at times the cheapest means of transport when you grab a good deal ;)))

DAY 1 - Kongsberg to Oslo - Board the Cruise in Oslo to Copenhagen

That was the D-day :) After finish packing, cleaning, cooking and all the other weekend routines including calling India to get all the blessings and wishes (well all this was over by 11AM, I know what you must be thinking, wow Anu is not a lazy loussy girl any more:))) we started our 2 hours roadtrip to Oslo in Car. We had a grand lunch in one of our friends place and oh yeah a free parking space as well for our car for the next three days. In a free ride reached the Oslo harbour when our White & Blue beauty was standing tall and stunning. We had taken the DDFS Cruise. As usual, missed to click the Ship. We were so engrossed and excited, it just slipped my mind.

The CRUISE experience - Different, Interesting, Relaxing. You are not tied with your seat. You are into a whole new experience. You are admiring your little one getting excited seeing new things. You get a chair to relax in the upper deck to watch the sunset with a steaming cup of coffee and cool breeze wildly waving Hi to welcome the guest. Your hubby does all the running around the kid. You just relax and keep clicking. You need another one word to express this - AMAZING :). Below are the glimpses inside the Cruise.

Shravan was busy playing

Ram was busy feeding and eating

and I was busy clicking

DAY 2 - Reached Copenhagen. Checked into the Hotel. Headed to Tivolli

The W&B beauty kissed the Copenhagen shore around 9.30AM. We had already finished our bath and breakfast in the ship, so we were ready to drop our luggage, hang the camera and start the tour ride. Our very friendly taxi driver gave a lot of tips and must visit places list. So kind of him.

CARLSBERG GLYPTOTEK - You are in an european country and there is no Museum - are you kidding? :). Two things I loved this Museum for - the ambiance and the greenry inside and the few sculpture explaining how colors were used in sculptures. Our little hero was taking a nap and was getting ready for the fun rides in Tivolli.

TIVOLLI Garden- Right in the center of the city. Had more resturants and eat outs than the rides. Amazing Landscape and Garden. Lots of rides for the kids and some really heart-stopping rides for the adults like me ;)). All three of us enjoyed to the core. And the playarea is what my Mr. Naughty like the most :).

Entrance to Tivolli

A decent Family Pic

Fun time for Shravan

Rides that we enjoyed

Did you notice - I had mentioned Tivolli as a Garden.....Garden and no flowers ? :) A new addition to my blooming beauties :)

DAY 3 - Rosenberg Castle, Little Meremiad, Gefion Fountain, Amalienborg Palace, Nyhavn Boardwalk and a long loussy walk in the streets of Copenhagen.

would you like to revisit all these places with us in it :))

DAY 4 - Legoland. Reached Bilund Airport to head back to Oslo.

No words, just see the blocks build. If I dont mention it to you that these amazing objects are made out of building blocks, will you not think these are the real people and places in the picture. I am a hardcore Lego fan now :) and so is my son ;)). Ready for a World-tour?

DAY 5 - Morning 1AM - Got into the bed and grabbed a blanket. Morning 8AM - Still inside the blanket. Afternoon 1PM - Still inside. Evening 5PM - Slowly realizing - whats the time? :))))

So what is the last word to conclude this blog - THANKS to Ram for the wonderful trip. This trip is over but our lifetime journey together will continue :))

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crocodile Bank - Mahabalipuram

So much fun happend over India vacation. Visit to a nearby (well, really not all that near :) say around 30Kms from my place) crocodile bank was one such. My little dumpling behaves most of the time like Junior Austin Steve these days.He gets all excited about animals, birds and reptiles. He cant say his ABCs but can spot a Mallard, Goose, Duck and Swan...can you??? :)) All the time while in India, he kept re-collecting his trip to croco bank and Zoo. Well, It was indeed a nice experience for me as well. We have passed through that place many a times but never bothered to really stop and have some fun. Maybe, it was a written distiny to visit and cherish with my junior.

Well to many of us, its like "is there any differnce among crocos? Arent they all same?". YOU must visit this place. Ok, I can give you all a little gyan about this place. Its one of the largest reptiles zoo in the world. Did you know??? next time you are on ECR and you have 30-45 mins to spare, dont miss this spot. This place was started around 1976 with the whole purpose of protecting these rare reptiles. All the fellow ladies who are behind fancy leather accessories....T.H.I.N.K :). Then they expanded their home for turtles, lizards and snakes as well and today they are not just croco banks...but a center for Herpatology as well. So we are not just going to see Crocodiles :))))

The First Glimpse you get as soon as you enter

A closer look
The Croco-Converse

P.S : I Guess he still remembers the conversation. Everytime I ask him, "what did the crocos say?", he will get all excited and does this same expression and I beleive he would have more than 100 times in the last 3 months  ;))

I think...or all I see is....they swim (or rather be in water), they sleep with their mouth wide open, they lay in the ground for hours together.....After a deep plunge from water

You really wanna know the color of got to check this pic....a fresh croc

I really loved the ambiance....its calm, mostly neat and the arenas were displayed as one circular loop. The lush green trees, cold weather (oh yeah!!! I am talking about Chennai ;) ) and offcourse the green water ;) comes the much awaited Gharial Basking

and some gaint turtles......

and snakes

We visited in feb....summer had already started and it was tea time :) So we winded up quickly to head to A2B (Its Adyaar Anandha Bhavan :)) for a simple snack and coffee and then continue our ECR ride. Oh yeah!!! here is the last glimpse of my dear lazy friends :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Click Everyday

A warm Happy New Year to all my dear friends :). New Year and Resolutions goes synonym. The usual list is usually there always for the last 10 years - lose weight, be good, read more, work hard, travel a lot etc etc....I am sure atleast one of these will be in everybody's list. I have added a new one this time - YES, its ONE CLICK EVERYDAY....possible???? lets see where we are on 31st Dec 2012 :)) This whole idea is to celebrate my new camera (that for sure will be one of the click in this week :) Its shipped and I am eagerly peeping into my post box every other hour ;)), new books I read, new places I visit, new people I meet, new food that I cook, new craft that I make, etc etc...You really dont get a chance to do many of the "new" i mentioned above everyday but I guess we can definitely give a new prespective to simple things we see and use everyday. The whole concept is to enjoy this. 

Everybody who does photoblogging kind of get into this Mystery fun for sure I guess. I am no execption. I am ready to kick start and enjoy the fun ride with many thoughts behind - I will be doing a good use of my new camera, learn new photography techniques, camera settings, softwares used(I think I will be learning this much faster than anything else, being a newbee I need to relay on softwares more rather than my skill) and more than all make lot of new photoblogging friends :))

Click on ONE CLICK EVERYDAY link for a long 365 days journey.

If you are on a similar mission, please leave me note. We shall enjoy this fun ride together and I shall link your blog to mine.

By doing this I am making everyday of 2012 memorable. Do you have a memorable day - your birthday/spouse birthday/Kid's birthday, your wedding anniversary, the first day you met your life partner, your proposal/engagement day, your graduation day, on the CALENDAR Archive to take you to that memorable day and say if you liked that day'sclick :)) (Just another simple strategy to make my fellow photo bloggers traverse my clicks and leave comments ;))

I will also be mentioning on where was the click taken, with what it was taken - It will mostly be my Canon DSLR 55OD or Canon Powershot or my Samsung Galaxy Mobile (Ideally not mine, my hubby's :) and how I myself feel about the click and try for catchy title!!!!

Mantra for 2012: Dont forget to Click today :))

Wish me good luck and drop by whenever possible to leave your comment,feedback,critic,advice or suggestion. I am open to Improvise :))

Happy Clicking.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Engaiyum Kadhal.......

Such an ease guess, isnt it? Yes, we are gonna take a romantic ride across the world's popular tourist spot known for its architecture,history,monuments,romance,fashion,leading brands,theme park,museums.Still guessing???
Lemme give you some easy clues - engaiyum kadhal, mona lisa, Louis Vuitton, Statue of Liberty, Da Vinci should have guessed it now!!!! Yes, its Paris Paris :))

We did a 5 days trip to this beautiful city to celebrate Sudha's visit, Shravan's second Birthday and offcourse to finish our so-called honeymoon trip planned in 2008(Most of you should be knowing our Italy passport story by now :))

Day One: All day travelling from Kongsberg to Rygee and from there to Paris. Sounds simple??? From Konsberg to Oslo Central is 1.5 hours train journey. Then from Central to Rygee is another 1 hour train travel. From the station to Airport is another 15 minutes. Rygee to Paris was another 2 hours on flight. Have we reached? Not yet!!!! From Airport to Station was another 1 hour bus ride and another round of train journey to reach Gard'le East :)) Is it this complicated? Oh yeah if you want select a cheapest airways, stay in outskirts and want a decent accommodation :))) This tiring journey had a happy ending....Dinner at Saravana Bhavan

Day Two: Its Disney Time. Well this is my third Disney trip - Los Angels, Florida and now Paris :) but the excitement and fun is only tripled.

Shravan was all excited right from the entrance. Tickets and few clicks, then my handsome and his darling got geared up in their Disney costumes.

Of the four parks, we first landed on Disney Park for the kids. Its afterall  their day :) Both were busy running around all the places seeing their cartoon characters, I kind of forgot that I had to click because I was so engrosed in seeing my son so damn happy! He had lot of place to run around, it was sunny, no winter outfit, I guess he thoroughly enjoyed and so did we.

Day Three: The day of maximum clicks :) First was Louvre Muesum. The first thing that came to my mind was Da Vince Code and Tom Hanks :))

First Glimpse of the Pyramid :) Never knew it had a smaller Pyramid ;))

I am gonna watch Da Vinci Code tonight :)

From the ticket counter

from inside the Muesum. Not a bad shot ah.

Here comes the much awaited click of the day :) Mona Lisa

Half a done gone. Lunch Over. Where next? The very obvious destination - Eiffel Tower. The first sight of the tower from the Metro just wowwed!!!

I just went on clicking until satisfied with my P&S Camera.

we are getting closer and closer to the world heritage monument

Took a break from clicking and really started enjoying the fact "being in eiffel tower :)". What a beautiful garden view from the top of the tower.

Sun waved a good night and a laser treat started.

It was one memorable day to be cherished all through my life :)

Day 4: It was the catchup day. Early start from the hotel, a quick BF in Mc. Donald's and straight to Mont Matre hill for a holy visit to the Sacre Coeur Church.Loved the hill climbing and garden around. Church interior was equally amazing and cameras were restricted, so just trust me its awesome :))

Where next, Am I not missing another famous destination? :) Its the Gateway of France - the Arc De Triomphe :)

P.S I clicked this pic while crossing and gave my dear hubby another chance to gyan :))

Then was a nice long walk around the fashion road. The Mantra was "You Name the Brand and Spot the Shop".

As I mentioned in the start, here come LOUIS VUITTON.....remember Louis Vuitton Kanadi from Ko...I have heard of he brand, but never thought you need to stand in Queue for hours to just get inside the shop.

We just had 2-3 hours left out for sunset and after discussions finally decided to take a beautiful cruise ride to  enjoy sunset, water ride and a quick glimpse of all the spots again.

This is that beautiful boat :)

A View of Norte Dame Church was stunning :) A glimpse similar to what you get in Sherlock Holmes Movie.

Excuse me for the poor lighting.

So day 4 ended like any other with a sumptous dinner at Saravan Bhavan.

Day 5: You wanna a reverse of what I explained Day 1??? ;))))